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Why Lease?

Flexi-Lease with CCTV Leasing is a unique alternative to the purchasing of your CCTV equipment.

Return / Retain / Renew Flexibility.

Return: You can choose to Return the equipment at the end of the contract.

Retain: A popular option when leasing is to Retain your existing equipment when your contract comes to an end by just paying £1 for the "Title of Goods".

Renew: It is cost effective to Renew the equipment or upgrade after the 3 year mark, thereby allowing our customers to keep up to date with the latest safety and security technology, usually at no extra cost.

Customer Benefits

CCTV Leasing security systems opens numerous options for individuals and businesses, small or large. By providing a variety of options to suit our client’s specific budgets and needs we offer flexibility on leasing CCTV systems enabling customers to be secure from as little as £1 per day.

Business loans are often at higher rates than that of lease finance – we offer an attractive and competitive alternative to bank borrowing for both new and established businesses. We will endeavour to avoid any demands for Directors Indemnities for new start-up businesses and when we do these have 'limited' liability. Our flexibility means we can offer leases from 1 to 4 years, monthly, quarterly or annual payments, by invoice or direct debit. We can defer lease payments, or can accept a deposit to reduce the future rental payments.

Continuous development of your business is essential to strengthening your position in the marketplace. Secure your investment and your future by leasing the most up to date and top of the range security equipment. Leasing enables you to acquire the equipment your business needs without eating into your budgets or affecting your cash flow.

We can finance a wide range of other security equipment (costs £1,000+) for you, so why not give it a go and enjoy many benefits?

Flexible Credit Criteria - including for New Businesses - unlike our competitors we will look at finance for your company whether you are a new business or an established company. If you have been established 3 or more years, then we would generally have a credit line open in just a few hours and email you some lease paperwork the same day. We help lots of new businesses and we are a partner with Start Up Loans. For a new business we may need some bank statements or accounts but can get a credit decision within 24 hours, for more details please contact us.

Got it, now show me the systems...

Now that we've explained the clear benefits of CCTV Leasing, find out more about the systems on offer. We've put together a configurable choice of system package options that all use the latest technology and state of the art equipment.
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